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Key Finder Beeper Locator to Find TV Remote Control, Keys, Purse, Pets or Belonging Items Keychain Tracker Tags Quick Find

Key Finder Beeper Locator to Find TV Remote Control, Keys, Purse, Pets or Belonging Items Keychain Tracker Tags Quick Find

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Losing your keys or other items like umbrellas, remotes, purse, glasses, etc., could mess your plans for the day and steal your sanity, especially in the mornings or in those instances when you are in a rush. This is where our sleek design item finder comes to save the day and your balance. At the touch of a button, locate up to any of five lost items with this long-lasting 100ft wireless transmitter. Our unique key finder is too loud. This is essential because a lost item may be hidden among soundproof stuff, the loud decibels distinctively and effortlessly enable you to locate your lost gadget. Sometimes the lost item may be far from the key finder; this doesn't have to stress you. With its reach of 30 meters, our sleek five buttons paired key finder will have a walk in the park finding it. Losing items such as keys at that last moment isn't a planned exercise, but it happens, and upon reaching for the key finder, it may be without charge. That doubles the trouble. To avoid these, our team has designed a battery with low consumption and long standby life. Our sleek design key finder is also longer-lasting, making it the ideal pocket-friendly gadget. The transmitter has a shelf life of up to 2 years, while the receiver can last up to six months. Now that's a bargain.

About this item

  • EASY TO USE WITH LONG RANGE – Our Key Finder and item locator is extremely easy to use because there is no need for Bluetooth pairing and you don’t need your phone to control it. Our powerful wireless transmitters and receivers do all the heavy lifting and have a finding range of 100 ft!
  • LONG LASTING - Use this versatile and long-lasting product each day without worrying about depleting its battery! Our key finder transmitter lasts up to two years while the receiver has a lifespan of up to 6 months. When the battery runs out, simply replace it to extend the lifespan of your key finder. Much better than other products with irreplaceable batteries or cheaply made rechargeable batteries that don’t hold a charge.
  • DISTINCTLY AUDIBLE - Our unique key finder is loud enough to pinpoint your lost items' location precisely and has a distinct sound to help you identify your belongings.
  • REPLACEMENT RECEIVERS AVAILABLE - With our unique wireless key finder and item locator, you are able to conveniently purchase sets of 4 replacement receivers separately through the SnapInvent Amazon store without the need for replacing the transmitter.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT – Help your friends and family stay organized and never lose their precious belongings again by giving them the gift of peace of mind.


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